But first the Problem* with Crypto and the Digital Euro in Europe !

I am German born, US and British Educated…been a global entrepreneur and worked in Japan, South East Asia, USA and Europe.


The problem as identified by many Crypto Specialists in Europe is the following:

  • We missing one or multiple dominant internet company (China has Tencent & Alibaba), America has quite some (Google, Facebook, Snap,). But let’s not forget they have a history in trying, AOL, YAHOO, EXCITE, and they did not give us, and they are already working on the next generation as Google, and facebook are failing to deliver value.
  • Even Russia has one of its own!
  • We do not have our own homegrown Instant Messenger either. We tried, we had skype but we did not follow up. I could not make truphone into a WhatsApp also it is just now about to overtake the the Munich G+D and French Gemalto (Thales Group) in eSIM and entitlement servers for operator on mobile, current player have 10m eSIM, my prediction is we will see 100 Billion eSIM in 10 years, and truphone will be a global eSIM leader, thanks to the generous support of our investors and a brilliant German CEO.
  • I tried to to do the EU WhatsApp in 2007 but it failed for several reason, not money, we raised$500 Million for truphone, but for talent in software and technology, mainly user interface and understanding for new tech was low, even in London.
  • Lets make a step forward !
  • We do not have a European Credit Card company (anymore). The existing VISA Europe has been bought by VISA USA, Maestro Card has been bought by MasterCard.
  • However we all feel it the existing system is way to slow, too expensive, banks we do not not trusted anymore and we need NEW WAYS to do it.
  • I see how NEW WAYS are in Coinbase, in but we do have Revolut, MONZO (Tencent just invested), we have N26. The New Banks are way more trustworthy than the old one, if you ask the current generation, they find Barclays, Deutsche Bank, quite strange animals.
  • In my opinion It is still mind blowing. A wire transfer from Germany to England cost GBP 3, and it takes 4 – 5 days settlement. Example Deutsche Bank to AMEX.
  • However it can be different, Revolut UK to VR Bank Germany, 1 Second.
  • So we all feel it, we do want a solution, the good news we already have a digital layer of settlement and transfer, it works real real well, the protocol is called BTC.
  • Sure it is just a bare bone protocol, it is not Touring complete, but does it have to be?
  • In my opinion we already have a SOLUTION in the World perfect made for the Digital Euro, we could adopt BTC like El Salvador and start making payment on it, and we use something called BITCOIN LIGHTNING PAYMENT
  • What we are now missing is a dominant BTC MINING company in Europe. Yes we do need on. Best location. Where you have a lot of abandoned renewable energy you cannot transport away. (Norway).
  • A place where you can use hydro energy (water is still the best battery).
  • We now need a dominant BTC Lightning company in Europe
  • We do have ASINQ in France, also I don’t now how they stack up against lightning in SF, still we better don’t loose it.
  • We are missing a STRIKE by Jack kind of company in Europe.
  • My conclusion is, it is all possible, but we need to DO IT and to do it we need people with foresight, a vision, entrepreneurs in strategic roles,
  • MAKERS instead of TAKERS
  • WE CAN DO IT, we do have the talent and the people.
  • I consider myself one of them.


  • And there is another one where I am saying VoIP is the future and “analysts” were saying “Ha ha, very few people use smart phones anyways”: January 2008


  • We only have one bigger subject and this is the creation of abandon renewable energy for our world / called earth we need to get right in the 21st century.
  • I believe these are the once I see until 2040.


The Wild 20th

  • 2020 can be wild in Berlin (not only in TECHNO but also in CRYPTO)

*if we allow it can be wildly successful
** meaning trillion EURO, or shall we say 1000 BTC companies

We have it all ! SMART PEOPLE of EUROPE UNITE.



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